Data Recovery



Lost your window’s data? DATA RECOVERY CENTER Bangladesh has enough equipment to assist you in recovering lost, deleted, corrupt or damaged files from your Microsoft Windows operated desktop, laptop, server, smart phone or tablet. So, allow us to recover lost data from a variety of logical issues such as deleted data and Microsoft Windows corruption. Our expert engineers have several years of data recovery experience. So, you get the highest quality service available. We have been authorized by many Windows operated hardware sellers to open their hard disk drives for recovery purposes without cancelling the manufacturer’s warranty.

Area of specialization

DATA RECOVERY CENTER Bangladesh is skilled of recuperating deleted data from all Windows versions. We have recovery experience in:

  • System crashes
  • System corruptions
  • Formatting errors
  • Overwritten Word and Excel files
  • Viruses
  • Accidental deletions


DATA RECOVERY CENTER Bangladesh offers dedicated withdrawal and recovery services for windows data recovery. So, you are most welcome!


The trained engineers of DATA RECOVERY CENTER Bangladesh recover lost messages, pictures, contacts, music and files from windows that are suffering from physical failure. This damage can be caused by water, being dropped or any other incident that causes physical damage to the device.

  • At DATA RECOVERY CENTER Bangladesh, we have branded recovery software, state of the art infrastructure, and skilled engineers to solve all kinds of desktop data loss problems.
  • Our technicians are able to extract the valuable data from your computer without damaging any physical or virtual component.
  • They handle a carefully planned approach with the right techniques.
  • Moreover, DATA RECOVERY STATION Bangladesh has a dust-free and pristine Class 100 Clean Room. So, it ensures that if our experts work on your system, the environmental risk is non-existent.