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With over couple of years’ encounters in the data recovery industry, we have performed a parcel of fruitful recoveries on memory cards. These gadgets incorporate SD cards, small scale SD cards, CF cards, and any other memory capacity gadgets. Being a specialized data recovery company, we professionally center towards the most objective to recoup your basic information put away on SD memory cards. So, on the off chance that you’re disturbed by SD-card data loss and need the most excellent SD card recovery service, come to us. SD card comes with a constrained life span which is comparative to any other storage media gadget. It’s contains a restricted read/write period. The SD card can appear bad sectors in case this period is surpassed. The information can be blocked off. Every so often, controller failure or physical harm can also because of information loss in SD card. SD card holds tremendous information. So, on the off chance that your information of SD is gone, it can cause extraordinary freeze. At DATA RECOVERY CENTER Bangladesh, we have team of expert data recovery professional who can recover data from SD card facing any data loss situation. As our experts are taught to follow strict procedures, the first attempt at data recovery always has the highest probability of success. At DATA RECOVERY CENTER Bangladesh, we offer a best and reliable memory card recovery service that can help you get your lost data or deleted files from your SD card.


We are specialized in:

  • Lost data from memory card hardware failure
  • Lost data from memory formatting
  • Physically damaged SD cards

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DATA RECOVERY STATION Bangladesh has some of the most skilled engineers in the team who are equipped with powerful and proprietary tools to deal with any kind of data loss problem such as:

  • Formatted Card
    Your SD card can be formatted accidentally. Need to recover the lost data? No worry, we can help! If you have formatted your memory card, there is always a possibility for data recovery. With our experts, we can recall the data that’s wiped off your memory card without fail.
  • Damaged Circuitry
    Damages is challenging to repair because of extremely tiny semiconductors ina memory card. Yet, we have all the right tools and professionals for the job.
  • Data Corruption
    There is no particular reason why data corruption happens. It is a commonly occurring phenomenon Sometimes it’s because of a certain app that you may have used or because of a hardware malfunction. Our SD card recovery service can help.
  • Physical Damage
    Sometimes it takes just one drop of a phone to damage your memory card. Yet, even in a bad physical condition data can be take out through the right methods. We have experience with thousands of such physically damaged SD cards!
  • Virus/Malware
    Viruses, and other kinds of malware have always been a major threat for data devices. In the meantime, hundreds of new malware programs are released on a daily basis but the best anti-virus programs can’t offer 100% protection all the time. So, if your SD card is infected with one such program, our team can eradicate it from the system and recover your vital data in the safest possible way.

These following are the common SD or Memory Card Data Loss Scenarios:

  • Accidental formatting of SD card
  • Accidental formatting of CF card
  • Corrupted data on the memory card
  • NAND chip memory failure
  • CF card fails to be recognized by computer
  • Memory or SD card presents errors
  • Disaster has occurred to the memory card (fire, water, physical damage)


We have outlined the most common occurrences from our many years of experience though there are various factors that may contribute to the need for memory card data recovery. So, if you are experiencing the factors which are not listed, we are still able to support you. It is our pride that we are able to recover from any type of memory card data loss scenario with no limitations on the brand, size, complexity, or severity.

DATA RECOVERY CENTER Bangladesh offer the entire range of data recovery services. We have a powerful infrastructure complete with some of the most advanced tools and software, as well as carefully picked IT professionals who are best in their line of work.

We know that You bring to us the SD card containing expensive and vital data. So, we take a number of measures to ensure that your data is secured without any loss.With us, you can enjoy the following features:

  • Recovery service for all kinds of memory cards.
  • Support for all big and small memory card brands including Transcend, Kingston, Viking, Samsung, Sony, etc.


Your privacy and confidentiality: We ensure that the data restored is kept in a secure location and protected from unauthorized access.

Supreme customer service to ensure that you are able to get the desired results as quickly as possible. Our customer support executives are always available to answer your queries and concerns regarding our damaged SD card recovery processes and techniques. So, call us! We are always there for your Data recovery issues.