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DATA RECOVERY CENTER Bangladesh specializes in FLASH drive information recovery. Our engineers are profoundly specialized of utilities and equipment so that they can work securely with all sorts of write drive, and we offer most elevated success rates for all setups. Flash media technology has advanced altogether over the final decade, and write drive presently utilize high-speed memory for long-term capacity. Write drive could be a for the most part reasonable substitute to outside hard drives. We are the most secure and most solid and world-class flash media recovery company in Bangladesh. We moreover offer risk-free diagnostics for Pen drive information recuperation. So, on the off chance that you have got lost you information from your pen drive, contact our customer service team nowadays to induce begun.


Flash drive can stand up to affect harm much superior than most computerized capacity gadgets. It can take on physical harm when misused in extraordinary cases. Flash media is additionally vulnerable to consistent harm such as information debasement and inadvertent formatting.

Pen drive can endure from memory wear. It happens when clients compose over the top sums of information over long periods of time. At long last, the write drive chip loses its capacity to store information, and records may show up degenerate or incoherent. This disappointment situation is especially common with more seasoned memory cards.

These are some of popular factors that cause data loss on hard drives:

  • Power Failure
    When the mechanical arm interior the difficult disk is active composing information on the turning drive, and control goes out, at that point it can harm the disk. In case there are voltage changes when the disk is in use,this comparative event can moreover be happened.
  • Data Corruption
    A difficult disk is considered to do its work with about 100% precision. However, there’s continuously a few hazard of information debasement. For illustration, malware assaults, establishment of unlicensed software,abrupt shutdowns etc. can degenerate the information on your difficult drive thus making it unreadable.
  • Overheating
    When you run a computer a certain sum of warm is created by its different components such as the processor, design card, and difficult drive. Most of the time, this isn’t to some degree to stress around as the CPU fan and the GPU fan(s) are outlined thrust this warm out of the framework. However, in the event that they halt working or tidy gets assembled on the machineries, the warm can build-up amazingly and harm your computer framework, counting the difficult drive.
  • Indications
    In the event that your pen drive is significantly harmed, your computer may have inconvenience recognizing it. When a write drive is joined, your computer may too routinely freeze or bolt up. Diagnosing the precise cause of data loss can be troublesome.
  • What we should do
    To keep your record secure don’t endeavor to examined or repair your media beneath any circumstances and detach your write drive as before long as you take note signs of information misfortune.

We are a Pioneer in write drive Information Recuperation Administrations. Since Information Recuperation Center Bangladesh specializes in flash media repair. Our data recovery process begins with a free media assessment. Our great specialized engineers will analyze your streak gadget to supply you with a point by point explanatory report. This report permits you to survey costs, a list of recoverable records and a turnaround assess some time recently choosing. Moreover,we offer risk-free assessments for our standard administrations.

Data Recovery Center Bangladesh engineers work in a Certified Lesson 100 Cleanroom to treat harmed chips, broken USB associations and other mechanical issues. We make a full duplicate of your write drive after performing physical repairs.

Our professional can usually return your data within short period of time. Call us +8801716227158