Data Recovery



Have your files are locked with a password or encryption? Decryption-on-the-fly, has been developed by our R&D department and has intensely reduced decryption timeframes for hard drives. So, DATA RECOVERY CENTER Bangladesh has the technology, skill, and experience to deliverpremium encryption recovery services that are 100% reliable and reasonably priced. Data encryption translates data into another form, or code, so that only people with access to a secret key (formally called a decryption key) or password can read it. In other words, it locks your files with a code which makes the data unreadable to everyone who doesn’t have the decryption code. Even though data encryption can significantly support you protect your sensitive data from falling into the wrong hands, it derives with some risks. For example, it can be complicated to get the data back, if for some reason the data gets corrupted or the decryption key gets compromised. Consequently, an expert encryption recovery service such as DATA RECOVERY STATION Bangladesh can strongly assist you in such an event.


DATA RECOVERY CENTER Bangladesh provides encryption recovery services for data locked. This includes:

  • PGP
  • EPST
  • SafeGuard
  • Pointsec
  • Credant
  • Safeboot
  • Windows Encryption

We specialize to recover encrypted data from the following devices

  • Desktops
  • Laptops
  • Memory Cards
  • External Hard Drives
  • Smartphones


The following are some of the common issues that you encounter when your encrypted data is compromised:

  • Safe Boot corruption
  • Blue screen of death
  • SG Kernel Halted (if using Safeguard)
  • Decrypt error
  • Fatal error

There are many reasons to loss encrypted files. Such as-

  • If corrupt sectors develop on your hard disk, or a system error is generated, etc., it can make your encrypted data inaccessible.
  • Another cause is ransomware, which is one of the most powerful malwares is designed to lock your personal files and data.


There is no way around it except to actually pay the ransom (which is never recommended), or get a professional data recovery service like DATA RECOVERY STATION Bangladesh.

It is not totally a good idea to attempt the recovery  ofencrypted data on your own. Because, data encryption is a complex designto protect your data. So, you should only approach a professional encrypted data recovery company like us- DATA RECOVERY STATION Bangladesh.

We have our own ISO certified labs. Our specialized engineers closely examine your hard drive and use specialized software that can decrypt the data to recover your files in the strongest state possible within a short period of time.