Data Recovery



Information loss on desktop can result from inadvertent or sudden shut down of the computer. Have you confronted this sort of coincidental information lose from your desktop? A few individuals have maybe been within the position where whereas working in a word processing report, the computer close down and they lose everything they have done. You’ll moreover take note that Information loss can moreover happen because of virus assaults on the computer. You’ll too face the chance of data lose, in case your computer isn’t satisfactorily ensured against infections. So, when the tragedy happens, how can you get back your information? DRC Bangladesh offers the foremost reliable and reasonable desktop information recuperation benefit in Bangladesh. In addition, DRC Bangladesh is repetitively contributing in progressed innovation to supply quick and solid desktop information recuperation. DRC Bangladesh Data Recuperation administrations offer up to 100% information recuperation for desktop clients with their quickest inversion time and master data recovery experts. We offer the most prominent conceivable choice


Whether they are self-assembled or pre-built, DRC Bangladesh offers desktop data recovery services for all types of computers.

Data recovery is available for:

  • Any operating system- Windows, Linux, Mac, etc. as well as all major hard drive brands.
  • Any make, model or brand
  • Any generation of drives from oldest to the very latest
  • All causes of data loss- from simple to the most complex and catastrophic data loss situations, including:
  • forgotten or lost passwords,
  • viruses,
  • natural disasters,
  • accidental deletion,
  • system crashes,
  • corruption,
  • hardware failure and so on

DATA RECOVERY CENTER Bangladesh can recover data from following devices

  • Laptop hard drives
  • Desktop hard drives
  • SSD hard drives
  • Hybrid hard drives
  • PCI3 hard drives
  • SATA hard drives
  • IDE hard drives


These are some of popular factors that cause data loss on hard drives:

  • Power Failure
    When the mechanical arm interior the difficult disk is active composing information on the turning drive, and control goes out, at that point it can harm the disk. In case there are voltage changes when the disk is in use,this comparative event can moreover be happened.
  • Data Corruption
    A difficult disk is considered to do its work with about 100% precision. However, there’s continuously a few hazard of information debasement. For illustration, malware assaults, establishment of unlicensed software,abrupt shutdowns etc. can degenerate the information on your difficult drive thus making it unreadable.
  • Overheating
    When you run a computer a certain sum of warm is created by its different components such as the processor, design card, and difficult drive. Most of the time, this isn’t to some degree to stress around as the CPU fan and the GPU fan(s) are outlined thrust this warm out of the framework. However, in the event that they halt working or tidy gets assembled on the machineries, the warm can build-up amazingly and harm your computer framework, counting the difficult drive.
  • Turning off
    Shut down your computer or gadget to avoid from more damage.
  • Liquid damage
    Don’t dry it out. Erosion to the media starts with drying and increments misfortune of information. Put the hdd in an vacuam zip bolt pack and send Data Recovery Center Bangladesh for quick recovery.
  • Weired noises
    Shut down. If your hdd is making strange clicking or grinding noises, this is an indication that your drive might have gone throw a head crash and is not reading the data correctly.

Here are some of the indications that may indicate that your hard drive is in problem:

  • Strange noises
    In case your hard drive is making unusual mechanical/clicking sounds, it may be the mechanical issues that will before long cause difficult disk disappointment.
  • Bad performance
    A blurring hard-disk can genuinely influence a computer’s execution. In this manner, you’ll watch visit framework solidifies, crashes, and sub-par reading/writing speeds. These may show that the time has come for a difficult disk recuperation.
  • Files missing
    In case you take note that records are vanishing from your computer for no specific reason, it can be a sign of peril that grants moment hard disk recuperation.

A hard drive could be a fragile gadget because it has moving parts inside. Subsequently, in the event that your hard drive isn’t working and you’ve got a reason to accept it has fizzled, the most secure and most compelling way of managing with it is to select a professional hard drive recovery services such as Information Recovery Center Bangladesh!