This is the process of recovering and restoring data from a RAID storage architecture or infrastructure. It is one of the safest and most reliable methods of storing business data. Still, even it is not 100% guaranteed. But we can assure that if you have lost your data on a RAID server, Data Recover tation can help you! Our experts have worked for all possible RAID configurations and have comprehensive knowledge of RAID internal structure. They have experience in recovering data from defective RAID server failure.

Data Recover tation offers premium RAID data recovery service at reasonable prices in Bangladesh. We have the right technologies, tools, as well as an ISO certified class 100 clean room lab. We are offering you the highest possible raid recoveries solutions for your RAID configurations through a process. This process is so transparent and fast. We can emphasis that cannot find like this anywhere else

Grasp the Service of Premium Raid Recovery

  • Multiple Hard disk failure
  • Bad Sectors on the drive
  • Controller Failure
  • Volume corruption
  • Broken Array
  • System Malfunction
  • Corrupted RAID configuration
  • Missing partition

RAID ARRAY Manufacturers


  • Compaq
  • Dell
  • EMC
  • Fujitsu
  • Hitachi
  • HP
  • IBM
  • Quantum
  • Sun
  • WD
  • A-DATA
  • SONY
  • DELL

We have the excellent knowledge and resources
for successful RAID data recovery


Because of the highly technical nature of RAID recoveries, recovery providers need both an inordinate amount of experience with RAID and the storage capacity to handle a large amount of data. This is an area which sets Data Recovery Station away from each other from the rest of the providers in the market.

RAID Drive Types

  • SCSI (50 pin, 68 pin, 80 pin), iSCSI
  • SAS, FibreChannel, USB
  • Firewire, SSD RAID Array data recovery

Storage Units Types


  • Server with RAID configuration
  • DAS (Direct Attached Storage)
  • NAS (Network Attached Storage)
  • SAN (Storage Area Networks), SAN Over IP

What are some of the most common reasons behind RAID failure?


The following are some of the most common reasons behind RAID failure:

Common causes of RAID data loss

Each RAID data recovery is unique, but there are a few common causes for data loss.

Human error

Human error can be occurred by accident or completed with malicious intent, data loss from reformatting, reinstalling or volume overwrite. It can be conquered by expert data recovery engineers.

Power issues

When loss of power is occurred, RAID systems can be affected. RAIDs running in a tarnished state are especially vulnerable, as power issues can cause out-of-sync drives to be reincorporated into the array. In these cases, our teams have the tools and expertise to rebuild the RAID that extract the compulsory data.

Mechanical issues and failed rebuilds

RAID systems are built to endure individual drive failure. But the workload of the remaining drives increases, once a RAID is running in a degraded state. So, it does the risk of additional drive failures. Further drive failure can lead to failure of the RAID. We have the clean room environment and expertise required to recover data from failed drives.


Natural Disasters

Fire, water and other pollutants from natural disasters can destroy a RAID floor in an instant. Reconstruction file systems from a RAID affected by a natural disaster takes specialized facilities, knowledge and tools to purify the drives and logically rebuild the data. Data Recovery Station has state-of-the-art tools and cleanroom environments to safely recover from physically damaged drives.

What are some of the typical RAID failure messages?


The following some of the typical messages that you may receive when your RAID array is failing or has failed already:

  • RAID Drive Missing
  • Windows unable to boot RAID server
  • Drive failed in a RAID array
  • RAID controller not responding
  • Data inconsistency in RAID Array
  • “Offline Member”

Why should you choose DATA RECOVER TATION for RAID data recovery?


The following are some of the reasons why Stellar is one of the best companies to go to for quality RAID data recovery service:

  • 01716227158, DATA RECOVER TATION, 01716227158, helps it to offer enterprise-level and unparalleled services to its clients. For instance, it’s one of the few companies in Bangladesh to have an ISO certified Class 100 Clean Room Lab which is crucial for the highest probability of RAID recovery.
  • DTS has a state-of-the-art infrastructure that helps it to offer enterprise-level and unparalleled services to its clients.
  • For instance, it’s one of the few companies in Bangladesh to have an ISO certified Class 100 Clean Room Lab which is crucial for the highest probability of RAID recovery.
  • Privacy, security and quality of RAID data recovery systems are highly ensured.
  • DTS takes privacy very seriously and ensures that once your data is recovered.

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