Data Recovery pricing

Additional Charges (Following Charges are Non-Refundable):
Analysis Fee Per Device: 300TK (report after 3 working days )
Re-analysis Fee Per Device: 1,000 TK (report after 3 working  days )
Miss-handled/Tempered Device Per Device= 10,000BDT (report after 3 working  days )
Express/Emergency Service Charge Per Device= 3,000BDT (report within 24 hours )

# CCTV DVR Analysis Fee Per Device= 3,000BDT (report within 3 working  days )
#Server SAS HDD Analysis Fee Per Device=3,000BDT.(report after 3 working days )

1.HDD & Sata SSD data recovery pricing:

1.Logical failures (Without bad sectors) upto 320gb Start from* 2,500 taka (USD 30$)* Recovery times 3-5 days.

2.Logical failures With bad sectors upto 320gb storage* Start from 5,000 taka (USD 60$)* Recovery times 7-15 days.

3.Electronic failures Start from 3,000 taka upto 320gb storage* S(USD 40$) Recovery times 2-5 days.

4.Mechanical/Physical failures/FW failures cost Start from 25,000 taka upto 320gb storage* (USD 300$) Recovery times 7-20 days.

(extra 4,000/(50$) for SSD without Sata interface like m.2, uSata, mSata, Apple SSD, Pcie SSD, etc )


RAID RECOVERY price for all RAID types including SAN, NAS Servers

starting price 50,000 Taka (USD 600$) minimum*

3.Memory card/Pen drive Data Recovery price :

 Starting price 1,000 Taka upto 32gb Memory Card
Physical/Firmware damage Memory card recovery cost start from  30,000 taka.

CF,SD Memory Card Videos Recovery starting from 4,000 Taka upto 32gb Memory Card/ 64gb 6,000 Taka 128gb 8,000 Taka 256gb 14,000 Taka

4.CCTV DVR Data recovery price :

Minimum 5,000 taka  for FAT file system

5.Encrypted Data Recovery Price:

*Folder Locker or any third-party Locker software Encryptions Extra 8,000 taka.  (usd 100$)*

*Bitlocker 10,000 taka minimum  (usd 120$)*

*McAfee   Endpoint Encryption minimum  (usd 950$)*

*Symantec Endpoint Encryption  minimum   (usd 950$)*

*Ransomware encryption minimum start from  (600$)* and non-refundable charge 300$USD