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With certified Cleanroom technology and a widespread track record of success, DATA RECOVERY STATION Bangladesh Services offers professional hard disk drive data recovery with verified security. We specialize in treating all types of hard drive failure. As we live in a world that is progressively becoming data-dependent,”hard disk” is frequently the primary reservoir of your data. Consequently, it’s painful for you if hard drive crashes and then you have to call for hard disk data recovery. Regrettably, this happens a lot. DATA RECOVERY STATION Bangladesh offers world-class hard disk recovery. We have a team of experienced data recovery experts, best infrastructure and gadgets to guarantee up to 100 % data recovery from your hard disk drive data. DATA RECOVERY CENTER Bangladesh data recovery is a foremost hard disk data recovery provider. We have the expertise to deal with all kinds of hard disk failure. If your hard drive has recently given up on you and you need to get the lost files back, DATA RECOVERY STATION Bangladesh can assist you!

Each Hard Drive Recovery Is Exclusive

We understand that no two recoveries are the same, whether it is the question of nature, severity or condition of the data loss. Our dedicated data recovery specialist will work with you to fix the greatest course of action for your hard disk recovery.

Top Hard Drive Recovery Service for Your Valuable Data

DATA RECOVERY CENTER Bangladesh has combined the experience of several years. If the hard drive isn’t severely damaged, it allows us to guarantee a 100% hard disk data recovery. We are also one of the most trusted hard drive disk recovery services provider across Bangladesh. Therefore, there is no reason for you to worry about your hard drive’s safety and data recovery.


  • WD
  • A-DATA
  • SONY
  • DELL

We specialize in recovering data from



  • Physically damaged hard drive
  • Formatted drive
  • Corrupted hard drive
  • External drive
  • Drive with OS failure
  • Drive with volume errors
  • Broken read/write head

DATA RECOVERY STATION Bangladesh can recover data from following devices:


  • Laptop hard drives
  • Desktop hard drives
  • SSD hard drives
  • Hybrid hard drives
  • PCI3 hard drives
  • SATA hard drives
  • IDE hard drives

DATA RECOVERY STATION Data Recovery Services Are Presented for All Kinds of Data Loss Scenarios for Hard Drives



  • Laptop hard drives
  • Desktop hard drives
  • SSD hard drives
  • Hybrid hard drives
  • PCI3 hard drives
  • SATA hard drives
  • IDE hard drives

1. What are some of the common reasons for hard disks to fail?


These are some of common factors that cause data loss on hard drives:

  • Power Failure
    When the mechanical arm inside the hard disk is busy writing data on the rotating drive, and power goes out, then it can damage the disk. If there are voltage fluctuations when the disk is in use,this similar occurrence can also be happened.
  • Data Corruption
    A hard disk is considered to do its job with nearly 100% accuracy. Yet, there is always some risk of data corruption. For example, malware attacks, installation of unlicensed software,abrupt shutdowns etc. can corrupt the data on your hard drive consequently making it unreadable.
  • Overheating
    When you run a computer a certain amount of heat is generated by its various components such as the processor, graphics card, and hard drive. Most of the time, this isn’t somewhat to worry about as the CPU fan and the GPU fan(s) are designed push this heat out of the system. Yet, if they stop working or dust gets gathered on the machineries, the heat can build-up extremely and damage your computer system, including the hard drive.

 2. What are some tips for increasing data recovery success?


  • Power off

Turn off the power to your computer or storage device to avoidmore damage.

  • Water damage

Do not dry it out. Corrosion to the media begins with drying and increases loss of data. Place the hard drive in an air tight zip lock bag and send it as soon as possible to an DATA RECOVERY STATION Bangladesh office for hard drive data recovery services.

  • Strange noises

Turn off the power. If your hard drive is making strange clicking or grinding noises, this is a sign that your drive might have experienced a head crash and is not reading the data correctly.

3. What are the symptoms that I can understand malfunctioning of my hard disk drive?


The following are some of the symptoms that may indicate that your hard drive is in danger:

  • Clicking noises
    If your hard drive is making strange mechanical/clicking sounds, it may be the mechanical problems that may soon cause hard disk failure.
  • Poor performance
    A fading hard-disk can seriously affect a computer’s performance. Therefore, you may observe frequent system freezes, crashes, and sub-par reading/writing speeds. These may indicate that the time has come for a hard disk recovery.
  • Files disappearing
    If you notice that files are disappearing from your computer system for no particular reason, it can be a sign of danger that permits instant hard disk recovery.

4. What can I do when my hard disk fails?


A hard drive is a delicate device as it has moving parts inside. Therefore, if your hard drive is not functioning and you have a reason to believe it has failed, the safest and most effective way of dealing with it is to choose a professional hard drive recovery services provider such as DATA RECOVERY STATION Bangladesh!

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